Specialist trader of nonferrous metals and producer of metal roofing materials.

Yamauchi Metal Supply Co., Ltd (“The Company”) commits to appropriate management, collection and use of personal information and to abide by laws related to protection of personal information with regard to corporate and personal information of the Company’s customers on the Company’s site.

1.Handling of personal information
The Company is committed to securely and appropriately managing the personal information Company’s information and improving that management to avoid disclosure or loss of personal or corporate information of its Company.
2.Collection of Personal Information
The Company can collect personal and corporate information to the extent required on its website. Collection of personal information is limited to the following items:
① Information input on the material request form.
② Information input on the example of work application form.
③ Information input on the recruitment form.
3.Use of Personal Information
The Company uses the corporate and personal information collected according to the above in the following situations:
① To ship catalogues or information, make telephone calls or emails upon request of materials or catalogues.
② To ship information, to make contact by email or phone upon receiving an application on the recruitment page.
4.Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties
The Company does not disclose corporate or personal information that it has collected apart from when there is a just reason stipulated in law.
The scope of this Privacy Policy is the website. The Company bears no responsibility for other websites linked from the Company’s site.

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