Specialist trader of nonferrous metals and producer of metal roofing materials.

img_1755.jpgCopper sheets for buildings 90bc959f8e9b5.jpgTitanium for roofing film0004.jpg Flat seam roofing“Hayabuki” nico0001.jpg“Kabeichi” kusatubunngeisakigake.jpg Flat seam roofing “Sakigake” yuri001.jpgShadanroof 12 syadann20ytei1.jpgShadanroof 20 img_0910.jpgCopper strips for buildings img_0904.jpgNC lathe img_1251.jpgPrecision sheet metal mateliaru2.jpgWe deal various items from non-ferrous metals to worked goods.

LinkIconLooking for metal sheets for buildings?
We have a variety of non-ferrous sheet materials for buildings - copper sheets, copper stripes, stainless, titanium .

LinkIconLooking for non-ferrous metals?
We have a variety of non-ferrous materials including copper, brass, copper alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, lead and zinc.

LinkIconLooking for premium metal roofing materials?
We have a variety of best metal roofing materials.
Hayabuki, Sakigake, Harebare, Shadanroof12, Shadanroof20, Kabeichi, Hishibuki.

LinkIconLooking for metalwork?
We offer a variety of metalwork including Bending, Pressing, Laser work, Turret punching, Welding, and NC lathe work.