Specialist trader of nonferrous metals and producer of metal roofing materials.

Copper sheets for buildings Titanium for roofing Flat seam roofing“Hayabuki” “Kabeichi” Flat seam roofing “Sakigake” Shadanroof 12 Shadanroof 20 Copper strips for buildings NC lathe Precision sheet metal We deal various items from non-ferrous metals to worked goods.

LinkIconLooking for metal sheets for buildings?
We have a variety of non-ferrous sheet materials for buildings - copper sheets, copper stripes, stainless, titanium,coppersoftain and toughtenZ.

LinkIconLooking for non-ferrous metals?
We have a variety of non-ferrous materials including copper, brass, copper alloys, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, lead and zinc.

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We have a variety of best metal roofing materials.
Hayabuki, Sakigake, Harebare, Shadanroof12, Shadanroof20, Kabeichi, Hishibuki.

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We offer a variety of metalwork including Bending, Pressing, Laser work, Turret punching, Welding, and NC lathe work.