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Changing the roof on Anakawa housing complex, Kyoto prefectural government

We used Shadan roof 20 in the roofing change at Anakawa housing complex, Kameoka, Kyoto and it was a successful job with no glitches. The existing roof was a 12 year old asbestos slated roof and it was deteriorating with the freezing and snow. We renovated the existing cover to make it more appealing and all the residents were extremely pleased with the results.

Job name: Roof changing – prefectural Anakawa housing complex, prefectural
Location: Anakawa, Yoshikawa, Kameoka city, Kyoto prefecture.
Design: Kyoto, Nantan Doki
Contractor: Sankosangyo Co., Ltd.
Roof workers: Nishimura Rooftech Co., Ltd. (Kyoto)
Roofing materials: Shadan roof 20
Materials: Pre-painted galvalume steel(heat shielding) ,Silver-black 0.4mm
Completion: December 2009/March 2011


Condition of asbestos slating before renovation
Condition after renovation
Snow-proof ironwork

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